About Us

Mission Statement: The Honorable Few is the “Riding Platoon” of the Marine Corps League Honorable Few Detachment #1302. It is a group of motorcycle riders committed to the support of veteran' issues, particularly POW/MIA awareness, Marine Corps events and functions, and other charitable organizations dedicated to the support of Veterans past, present and future. Honorable Few Riding Platoon members foster the camaraderie that was instilled in us while serving as members of the United States Armed Forces and are committed to maintaining a high profile of the sport of motorcycle riding. We are veteran's organization with a primary affiliation to the Marine Corps League; however, we support all veteran organizations as well. Our members consist of former and active-duty Marines, FMF Corpsmen and associate members who espouse the same ideals and beliefs as those who served in the United States Marine Corps. We are a family oriented organization in practice not just in statements. We are not a "1%" type motorcycle club, nor are we a "1%" support club. We support those who rate and deserve our support. We have no interest in territories or turfs; our only interest is in supporting veterans and veterans' issues, honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and enjoying motorcycling with the brotherhood of Marines, former Marines and our associates. We also endeavor to develop a fraternal spirit between veterans and the general public and to provide mutual assistance between veterans and the public. All members must abide by the policies, procedures and bylaws of the Marine Corps League as well as the Guidelines of the Riding Platoon. Members must at all times uphold the finest traditions of the United States Marine Corps. Members shall treat all other members with the respect they deserve regardless of when, where or how long they served in the US Armed Forces. The Honorable Few Riding Platoon is and will always be non-political; we do not recognize any distinction of military rank nor do we recognize any distinction of class, race, sex, religious belief, nationality or sect.